Sports Specific

With our team of professional trainers Elevate+ can cater a specific programme to better you on your specific sport. We are experienced working within top professional athletes, and have the expertise to tailor a programme that is sure to help your athletes gain the edge over their opponent.

Personal Training

If you are after a more concentrated workout then we have the right tools for you. Through one-on-one personal training, one of our enthusiastic personal trainers can create a programme that is tailored for you and your personal goals only.

Leaders in Group Training

We offer Wellington’s premier workout delivering an experience you won’t find anywhere else.  

You're in good company...

“I have known Pat for a number of years and have been fortunate enough to have been trained by him frequently during my soccer career. Without the assistance and hard work of Patrick, I believe I wouldn’t be in the position I am, or have achieved the things I have, during my time playing soccer.”

Anyone who has had children knows how hard it is to feel good about your body once you have “ruined” it, but I can now say after three children I’m finally feeling confident in my appearance.


I regularly attend Elevate+ during my off season to keep up with my fitness and endurance work. The Elevate+ team have created an environment that is suitable for anybody to get up a good sweat and shed a few calories. Hats off to their team.


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