Mark Basford Fundraiser

On Wednesday the 24th of October we will open our entire timetable (6am, 930am, 545pm, 630pm) to the public to try and raise as much money as possible for Mark Basford. Mark is the father of Lisa Basford who was a former trainer at Elevate+. Have a read of the current situation below written by family member Evan Adams:

“Hi all, I’m trying to raise money for my Uncles recovery from a liver transplant. He is one of the most beautiful people I know and would never ask for help himself, but in turn would give the shirt off his back if anyone needed it. A bit of a timeline and background about Mark, in Oct 2016 he was told he had liver disease, by May 2017 he was put on the transplant list and was told without a liver 2years 6months was his lot. By August the cancer was diagnosed, for better or worse that put him in line for the next viable liver (we can’t thank his donor enough) as without the donor his life would not have been possible. During the lead up to this time Mark spent everyday he could going to alcoholic meetings and speaking to people about abusing your liver and where you don’t want to end up. He was also doing talks at the local prisons helping others start new lives while his was more than likely coming to a end (without a miracle) He now needs help as he has not been able to work during this time and we are a small family. I never dreamed I would need a go fund me page but I am now asking for help for when he finally returns home in a couple months from hospital. He will have a new lease on life and with some help he will be able to buy food pay bills and not have to stress about the future. The operation was a success and now it’s all about rehab, I know once he is back on his feet he will continue to help others as he always does and never take his second chance for granted. Thank you to all that donate from the bottom of my heart if you can spare anything we will be forever grateful 

If you would like to donate but cannot get along to any of the sessions, hit the link below and follow the instructions there.…

Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

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