In addition to our timetable we also offer the following services. Get in touch ASAP to discuss how you can recieve a tailored exercise programme to suit your needs! 


Corporate groups

Elevate+ can design a programme to suit your company’s needs. Using a combination of team bonding exercises and activities we can help your employees increase their health and wellbeing – no doubt resulting in a much more productive and enjoyable work space.
Who: Business/corporate organisation
Where: Elevate+ Gym or company site
Session duration: 45min – 60min
Price: TBA (dependent on certain variables. Please enquire)


Sports groups

With our team of professional trainers Elevate+ can cater a specific programme to better you on your specific sport. We are experienced working within top professional athletes, and have the expertise to tailor a programme that is sure to help your athletes gain the edge over their opponent.
Who: Sports teams
Where: Elevate+ Gym or sports team base
Session duration: 45min – 60min
Price: TBA (dependent on certain variables. Please enquire)


Personal training sessions

If you are after a more concentrated workout then we have the right tools for you. Through one-on-one personal training, one of our enthusiastic personal trainers can create a programme that is tailored for you and your personal goals only.
Who: Individuals (we can accommodate between 1 – 3 individuals per session)
Where: Elevate+ Gym or client’s home
Session duration: 30min – 60min
Price: $30 – $80 per session

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