What is Elevate+?

At Elevate+ we believe that everybody should be involved in some form of regular exercise, and provided with the inspiration and motivation needed to reach their fitness goals.

Our maxim, Let Nothing Stop You, is more than just a slogan. For us, it’s about pushing yourself to your limits and striving to be the best you can be, while working in a fun team and family environment, supported by the group of passionate, and highly professional trainers that make up Elevate+.

Our sessions combine numerous high intensity interval and circuit training techniques designed to increase your heart rate and get you working at your optimum peak level. A mixture of body weight and weighted exercises are used, with every session carefully tailored to help you push your limits – consistently and safely.

We aim to set the best programmes in New Zealand – using new methods, ideologies, and exercise techniques to ensure variety in each of our sessions.   

Our Team Training sessions run throughout the day, and are stationed throughout the Wellington region to accommodate all schedules and locations. We also offer Personal Training services and Pound for Pound (PFP), our exclusive Elevate+ boxing classes.

We are passionate about people, and helping them set goals and achieve them. Whatever your objectives, Elevate+ is here to help you every step of the way. So come on, be part of the team, and Let Nothing Stop You from achieving the results you want!

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